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AGS CREW and extended family,

We're raising money through the #GamingGives campaign to help make Beau's wish come true! 

Following a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, sixteen-year-old Beau quickly learned that he would live a life different from many of his friends. His new daily routine consists of taking 21 different types of medication, a struggle with diabetes, multiple shots, and periodically a feeding tube as his illness has destroyed his pancreas. Make-A-Wish entered Beau's life right when he was set to go on homebound for the remainder of the school year.

Beau’s mother explained that watching Beau get excited about his wish was one of the few things that made him happy. As a huge history buff himself, Beau explained to his volunteer wish granters, “I want to go to Ireland because of the old history that is contained there. History that is frozen in time, and is very different from how we live today.” He went on to say, “The part about my wish that gets me most excited is knowing that I'll be experiencing something so different than what I am used to.” Beau no longer knows what life feels like without the hassle and stress his condition brings.

This is where you come in. During the month of February, join us in fasting caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or sweets in exchange for a donation on our company fundraising page: Throughout the month, you will be tempted to cheat, and if you do, you must double your donation – remember, it's all helping us grant the wishes of local children like Beau. 


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